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Complete Dental Implants Cost Guide

Going for a dental treatment? What scares you? The drill or the bill…

However, the fear of drill and the scary chair makes you uneasy; and at last, the bill makes you more uncomfortable. Is it right?

But no worries… The cost may vary depending on the treatment and services you receive, yet the prices are reasonable.

Generally, there are various kinds of factors that affect the cost of tooth implants in Australia. Some of those factors are discussed below…

Number of Implants: If the number of missing or damaged teeth needs to be replaced or restored is greater, probably the dentist requires more time and also additional materials to perform the procedure which affects the dental implant cost.

Patient’s Physical Condition: It depends on the factors such as age, jaw bone anatomy and oral hygiene which determine the need for additional treatments. Bone grafting or sinus lifts are the common treatment for many people that requires additional time and other material, so it raises the total implant procedure cost a little.

Picturing: If dentist recommends you for an x-ray or scan, it could be little expensive but anyhow you must go for it.

Building a crown on the top: Most of the dental implant companies offering it in the same pricing as building the crown on the top are not a major factor.

Size & Complexity of the Case: If you need more dental implants to be performed, it is considered to be a bigger case and it costs more than the average cost. Occasionally, some cases are more complicated, and it requires more “chair time”, in other cases you need to pay more.

Cost of Dental Implants in Thailand

In Thailand, the dentists use high grade porcelain ceramics for crowns, bridges and veneers. Considering the type of treatment and the time required, the costs randomly varies. But the fear of dental implant cost in Thailand or due to financial reasons many people has forced not to visit dentist for oral related ailments.

Here are some of the treatments that cost high in Thailand,

Single missing gap replacement

If a single tooth is missing, single dental implants can be done. This process includes two methods, a conventional standard tooth implant or immediate placement single implants. It includes the cost of dental implant surgery, implant post, abutment and crown of implant.

Multiple missing gap replacement

This can be done for multiple missing gaps. In case of 3 teeth missing, the gaps can be filled with a bridge consisting of 3 unit crowns on the implants. If 4 teeth are missing, the teeth implants with 4 unit crowns in a bridge can be used for the gap replacement.

Full jaw or full arch gap replacements

A jaw with no teeth can be restored easily with over dentures. Full arch reconstruction with Implants and bridges acts similar to having teeth again.

The missing teeth on full jaw can be replaced with a fixed hybrid bridge for normal bone. In case of bone loss, all-on-4 or all-on-6 implant treatment can be done for immediate function whereas a new set of teeth is replaced in one move.

So, compared to other countries, dental treatment in Australia is thriving with the quality of work and also the cost may increase or decrease depends on your individual circumstance. Have a healthy teeth and happy smile!