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The Ultimate Guide to Handle Dental Emergencies

Any dental emergency like an injury to the teeth or gums can be potentially serious and should not be ignored. Ignoring a dental problem can increase the risk of permanent damage as well as the need for more extensive and expensive treatment later on. Here’s a quick write up on how to handle dental emergencies.


Rinse your mouth with warm water and use dental floss to remove lodged food. If your mouth is swollen, apply a cold compress to the outside of your mouth or cheek. See your dentist as soon as possible.

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is a dental emergency that requires urgent attention. Rinse the tooth off very gently to ensure that it’s clean. If you can’t place the tooth back in the socket, put the tooth in a small container or in a cup of milk.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Rinse the mouth using warm water and rinse the broken pieces. If there’s bleeding, apply a piece of gauze to the area for about 10 minutes or until the bleeding stops.

Broken Braces & Wires

If a wire breaks or sticks out of braces and is poking your cheek, tongue or gum, cover the end with a small cotton ball, or piece of gauze until you can get to your dentist’s office.

Lost Crown

If the crown falls off, make an appointment to see your emergency dentist as soon as possible and take the crown with you. If the tooth is causing pain, use a cotton swab to apply a little clove oil to the sensitive area.

Try these remedies when you face dental emergencies and visit your dentist as soon as possible for further treatment.

Author Bio:

Having 20 years of experience as a dentist in Sydney CBD, Dr. Sid Afshar works at Premier Dental Sydney which is a dental boutique. He shares his expertise and knowledge on how to handle dental emergencies.