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What You Ought to Know about Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

With a mere fact that the cost of dental treatment is extremely high in Australia, reports say that most Australians cannot afford basic dental care, to the point of avoiding the dentist altogether. As medical coverage is limited on dental work, a patient can run out of pocket without any private health insurance. So, if you are looking for cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, we can help you with the following information.

Depending on the complexity of each wisdom teeth removal case and the various techniques involved, the cost may vary as follow,

  • The average cost of extraction of a single wisdom tooth by a general dentist is between $130-200.
  • The cost for the extraction of wisdom teeth under local anesthesia supervised by the wisdom teeth removal specialist ranges between $295-$400 per tooth.
  • Getting wisdom teeth removal under general anesthesia by an oral surgeons costs between $1500 and $3000.

Tips to Reduce Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

  • First check how complicated your case is and if it’s simple get the procedure done by your local dentist. A good health insurance provider can rebate these costs.
  • Do a deep research online and shop around to get the best dental quotes to find out how they differ.
  • Find dentists who provide various discounts, offers and promotions to build a loyal clientele. If you manage yourself to find one, then you are the luckiest.
  • Choose a wisdom tooth specialist in your local area than selecting one in the urban. Due to the high standard of living in urban areas, dentist may charge high dental fee that you can’t afford.

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