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Dental Implants to Correct your Oral Health Problems!

Dental implants have almost transformed tooth replacement. Since their introduction, it has gained a widespread reputation for their longevity and lifelike appearance. A smile is often the first thing anyone notices in you at first sight. If you miss a tooth, there is no doubt you will be self-conscious about flaunting your smile. So it is worth finding a solution to fix the missing tooth. Dental implants are one of the great solutions to correct oral health problems including gum disease, bad breath, falling teeth and more. Offering great stability, they also improve the ability to chew and taste your favourite food.

Dental implants Sydney being a surgery may make you anxious. So knowing exactly what it is and what to expect from it, will make all the difference!


Once you are done with the initial inquiry procedures, you will then have a consultation with your dentist. With both these visits, you can discuss your medical history with your dental surgeon and review financing. And your dentist will also be able to access your oral health and discuss about the specialised treatments required for you if any.

Dental Examination:

Once the initial consultation is done and the procedure is scheduled after evaluating your dental health, the dentist will examine the areas in your mouth where the implant has to be fixed. He will take x-rays to evaluate the density of your jawbone. This is because jawbone density is very important for the placement of Sydney dental implants.

The dentist will also take an impression of your teeth to create an ideal treatment plan for you. He will also determine if any additional procedures are needed for you. For example, if you don’t have a significant amount of jawbone, he may suggest possibly a grafting procedure in order to add density.

Dental Implant Placement:

Once your dental implants Sydney procedure is scheduled, as with any other surgery, you may feel a little discomfort before going in for the surgery. Don’t worry at all. You will be given anaesthesia during the procedure to make it as pain-free as possible.

The dental implant is made of titanium due to its natural affinity with bone. Once your surgical area and the surrounding tissues are numbed, the dentist will place in your jawbone the implant which will fuse to the bone as the new cells grow, over time. Depending on your situation and healing capacity, the implants will be left undisturbed for some days, to be precise till your implants fit tightly with your jawbone.

Once the soft tissue heels and your implant fixes to the jawbone, the replacement teeth or implant supported bridges designed to match your natural teeth will be fixed.

Maintenance and Follow Up:

After getting your teeth implants Sydney fixed, it is vital to protect your new bright smile. No special care is required for your implant. However, they should be cleaned or treated just like your other natural teeth. You should brush and floss them regularly and have regular dental check-ups twice a year. Your dental implants will look just like your natural teeth and so they should be treated the same way! Having a bright and confident smile is imperative. With dental implants fixed you will surely have one!