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Interesting facts about Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a form of physiotherapy that focuses on core stability and in the improvement of posture, strength and flexibility. Nowadays, Clinical Pilates are used along with physiotherapy in Perth for treating various injuries related to neck and back. It also ensures that everyone feels replenished and refreshed. Some interesting facts about the Clinical Pilates are given here,

Only a Clinical Pilates trained physiotherapist can instruct them

It is believed by many that a Clinical Pilates instructor can prescribe a Clinical Pilates program. Though regular Pilates and Clinical Pilates are based on the same principles, the method of practice differs. The Clinical Pilates is much more specific and requires the intimate knowledge of the functioning of human body. Only a professional specialized in physiotherapy at Perth can avoid any injuries and ensure safety.

Clinical Pilates can improve pain or bone strength

People often mistake that Clinical Pilates are only meant for improving core strength and flexibility.  But they are also good for balance, movement control and coordination, muscle endurance, stability, breathing, and bone strength. Therefore, it is good for elderly people.

Clinical Pilates help to manage pain

Current research shows that clinical Pilates could improve the levels of pain in patients suffering with chronic pains.

Clinical Pilates can also be performed in home

Simpler exercises prescribed by physiotherapist can be done in-between sessions at home. However, some highly specialized and state of the art equipment can be available at facilities dedicated to Clinical Pilates at Perth.

Therefore, Clinical Pilates has numerous advantages over regular exercise.