Tips to Identify and Manage Common Dental Emergencies

Keeping yourself calm and cool in an emergency situation is very important but being informed about such emergency conditions would be more helpful. Staying informed about what to expect and how to handle the situation help you to be cool in any kind of emergency situations. Dental emergencies are common and it is also a type of unexpected issue that can be scary, painful, and even confusing. Here we have listed the most common types of dental emergencies and things to do in case you are facing them.


Tooth pain is the indication of several underlying dental health problems and sometimes, they are mild and will go away on their one. But, in some cases tooth ache is severe and may indicate a more serious issue. Only an emergency dentist in Penrith can examine and figure out what exactly is the underlying problem and take immediate steps to alleviate the pain. As a precaution, rinse your mouth using lukewarm water and examine to see if there is anything lodged between your teeth. If the pain is due to the food debris caught between your teeth, use floss to remove the debris or use over-the-counter painkillers.

Broken Teeth

A broken tooth can leave your frustrated and causes a significant amount of pain. You might also deal with swelling or sometimes with a small amount of blood streaks in saliva while spitting. In such cases, consult your dentist immediately but rinse your mouth thoroughly and use a cold compress for swelling.

Knocked Out Teeth

If you can put back the teeth into the socket within an hour, there are higher chances of saving the knocked teeth. So, it’s very important to respond quickly without creating any fuss. Once you find out the knocked teeth, be mindful to touch only the white part of your teeth. Making contacts with the root of the tooth can lead to infection or even more damage. Put back the tooth in its place without applying much pressure before visiting the dentist in Penrith. If you can’t place it back on the socket by yourself, simply put the teeth in milk or under your tongue and then get to the dentist.

Lost Filling

Lost filling can be very painful and the best thing to compensate the pain caused is finding something to seal the hole. Over-the-counter dental cement or sugarless gum can be used to pack the area where the filling was lost. But, don’t use anything or products with sugar to cover the hole, it will worsen the pain.

Making regular visits to your Penrith dentist can help them find out dental problems before they could turn annoying, and possibly painful.

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